Mercuria Chief: Blockchain Could Cut Oil Market Costs By 30%

The chief executive of Mercuria, one of the world’s largest commodities traders, is bullish on blockchain. The head of the

Bitcoin’s Price Just Got its Groove Back

Bitcoin prices surged on 11th October amid what analysts say was a sharp change in market confidence. The digital currency rose


The US Federal Reserve is ‘Paying Close Attention’ to Blockchain

Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard delivered a speech on blockchain today, remarking that the technology could have a major impact on the


Smithsonian Museum Features Bitcoin in Historical Money Exhibit

The Smithsonian Institute is currently showing its inaugural National Numismatic Collection “The Value of Money”, and Bitcoin is among the


Polish Gov’t ‘Highly Interested’ in Bitcoin, Meets with Local Community

The Polish parliament held a first-of-its-kind open discussion on Bitcoin, on October 3rd, 2016. The meeting, broadcast live, gave attendees a chance to

CNBC Interviews Reaffirms Bitcoin’s Position in the Global Economy

.entry-header Bitcoin, the popular digital currency is going strong despite snail-paced development when it comes to fixing scalability issues.  The


Would a Deutsche Bank Collapse Impact Bitcoin Prices?

The pressure is building for Deutsche Bank. Germany’s largest and most financially leveraged bank continues to see its stock price languish

Bitcoin Bank

Threat of ‘Substantial Disruption’ Sees Banks Using Blockchain in 2017

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Yahoo Hacked

Yahoo Confirms Security Breach after User Credentials Surfaced on the Darknet

It’s now official, Yahoo was indeed hacked! The reports of possible security breach have been floating around since last month.


Bitcoin Price Watch; Trading The Weekend Action

So that’s it, another week out of the way. As we noted in this morning’s bitcoin price analysis, things have

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